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Name: Say Jay Hynes

Location: L.A. in two months

About: Hello big world! You now get to learn about me! Excited? You should be! ^_- My love of anime first started with Sailor Moon and DragonBall when they were on cartoon network. Soon after that my two best friends and I got in to Slayers, which I'm still a huge fan of, and that was just the beginning. My VERY favourite anime/manga would be FullMetal Alchemist, hands down. I'm also a fan of Naruto, Trinity Blood, Shaman King, Chrono Crusade, Saiyuki, Cowboy Bebop, and the wonderful Sorcerer Hunters. Personally, I just graduated from college with a double BA; a degree in music performance and one in psychology. I'm planning on moving to L.A. in two months to try to get in to acting in film. Maybe some day I'll be able to voice act for an anime too! Who knows?! I've worked for Disney World for three and a half years now. I would also like to take a great bit of responsibility for getting the webmaster, Jim, into anime once again. Im glad we were re-best-friend-ified. Jim, I adore and miss you.

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