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Name: Jasmine

Location: New York City

Website: http://redhalfmoon.proboards.com/

About: I am a Otaku. I read write and draw manga! I live in New York City and try to go to the Anime Festival every single year!!! I would love to go to Japan for at least a month to experience the Japanese way of life!! I am also into the whole J-rock and J-pop scene! My MP3 player has tons of anime music and regular J-pop and J-rock songs that I download!! I enjoy hanging out with my friends and just living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it! I call my self a comic-geek because for a girl i have alot of knowledge about comic books from the 90s. Like in X-men when Scott and Jean meet their son from the future or when Wolverine and Storm were "in-love". I also remember the saga in The Fanastic Four when Lajay was having Bobby's baby! So yeah i know a pretty good amount of stuff. Anywhoot i go to QueensBorough Community College in Queens. I wish to atten the The New School in Manhattan in which i would be going to the Parsons the New School of Design!!

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