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Name: Johannes

Location: New Zealand


About: Reject commom sense to make the impossible possible and Don't believe in yourself Believe in me who believes in you who believes in yourself. because lelouch is really a sickly alien maid robot ghost child hood friend thats the reincarnation of a fox with a split personality and he works for the wonderful fantastic galgames company created by yamaski and sato from M . H for the future. and he lives in a secret anti retard fort Thats wright this isnt dramatic it's FUCKEN DRAMATIC and could the unmarried woman with her unmarried face really come and start the unmarried homeroom or is she actually looking at erotic pictures on a erotic site and collecting erotic stuff with erotic software. and there stood a high school boy who had seriously taken on a grade-schooler girl,seriously fought her,seriously won with a judo throw, and seriously felt proud of himself. That reminds me I injected juice into my sister once

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