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Name: キちゃん (ki-chan)

Location: Washington, DC


About: Why join Otaku Pride? Recently I have considered using Otaku Pride as a resource for my graduate work. Societies are now realizing that the phenomenon (defined as: something that is impressive or extraordinary) of Otaku culture is one more means of support in the pursuit of internationalizing education and strengthening the cultural connection between the students of many nations. The data accessible to me here will be a part of very important and enlightening research in both the U.S. and Japan. Would I call myself an "Otaku"? Most definitely! :) I was the President of my Otaku Hall in "daigaku" (college), and have always been very close to my "Otaku Family". Evolving as a person in such a close knit community, that played a relatively active role in our school, has fueled my motivation to give back to the name "Otaku" - a word that I associate with the meaning of "home".

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