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Name: Otaku Social Network

Location: Broomall

Website: http://www.otakusocialnetwork.com/

About: Otaku Social Network is exactly what it sounds like. A social networking site for Otaku. Whether you love Anime, Sci-Fi, Gaming, J-Pop, Cosplay, LARPing, etc ... you can find others who share the same passions you do, and interact with them, at the Otaku Social Network. Whether you want to just socialize, make business contacts, or even to meet the future Mr./Mrs. Otaku, we have created a community for everyone to enjoy...FOR FREE. That's right, FREE !!! These are just some of the many features at Otaku Social Network: building your own network of contacts who share your interests live text and video chatting, IM, messages, forums, and more! listing your own classified ads announcing your own events and attending other members' events forming your own clubs and inviting people who share your interests So what are you waiting for? Please visit us at www.otakusocialnetwork.com to join the Otaku Social Network and start connecting with your fellow Otaku brothers and sisters.

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