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Name: Andrew Pora

Location: that's classified, not inviting stalkers

About: Just simple things: I'm an egopath (sensitive to negativity in a way of rage, I tend to lash out when maybe I shouldn't and I sometimes mirror the behavior and attitudes of others without thinking about myself and how I feel about it.), I have aspergers (screw the whole autism thing, its nothing to do with that! It just means I have weird quirks and that stuff and I have multiple split personalities due to it resulting in the fact I talk to myself.), I'm for the most part quite normal for a human yet still weird. Pokemon got me into anime and the culture of Otaku, my favorites are Ergo Proxy and Full Metal Alchemist. I think dressing out as an anime character blasts all the ideal popstar and rockstar images away! To me the otaku manner of dressing crosses rockaholic (punk, metal, goth that stuff), with preppy and skater (a more sportish twist on punk rock) with the modern asian looks. I like gaming and making AMVs and making my own anime costumes instead of buying the expensive replica. I even made sword replicas for the animes and anime games. So again here's to not being one with the crowd, here's to being an otaku!

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