American Manga volumes, love em , hate em

What do you think is good and bad about Americanized translations of Manga in volume form. Don't be afraid to lash out or show the love

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The Good: They're translated so therefore you can finally understand the story etc. Some manga is released in 3 volumes per book making it cheaper and more convenient. American manga is actually slightly bigger than their Japanese counterpart.

The Bad: Sometimes manga is censored and material is cut out. Sometimes translation isn't that great. Some manga is not wholly licensed. Some Japanese manga would have full color pages that are not printed in the English release.

The Ugly: Some publishers decide to flop manga to make it easier to read which creates a whole lot of problems.

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I love it. I get to go out and buy the manga and add it to my collection. :3 There's so much I want to get right now, but I have so little money! :(

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