Any Touhou fans here? A general Touhou discussion thread.

Armpits: True Touhou fans know no other form of Arousal. Surprisingly enough, looks like this will be the first Touhou post on this forum.

Touhou is series of PC games created almost entirely by ZUN who is responsible for programming, musical composition, and artwork in the games. Most Touhou games are simple vertical-scrollers who are infamous for keeping the player occupied with dodging bullets. However, the most appealing elements of Touhou is not necessarily the gameplay, but the plethora of character designs (although 99% of the characters are female) and beautiful theme compositions. Despite Touhou mainly beeing shooters, ZUN also (with some help) produced 2D fighting games as well which feature your favorite Touhou characters duking it out.
Flandre Scarlet doing the mcroll.

If you ever got McRolled, you became a victim of the crazy Touhou fandom. Touhou fandom is full of massive amount of Doujinshi material ranging from Manga, to figures, to remixes of music, to numerous internet memes. There is even a fan made anime episode who stars some high profile voice actresses. Despite all the fervor, Touhou has been quite obscure to American Otaku probably since you have to import the games and they are not ported to any consoles.

So before Touhou hijacks this forum, let's make this a general Touhou discussion thread.

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You got a link to the game? I've never heard of it :?

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