Manga Emergency!!

My school only has 8 of the Maximum Ride Manga and its not over yet, I don't know what to do because its sooo good and its a cliff hanger!!! I read all the 7 they had but someone checked out the 8th and all library books are due on Friday (3 days) for the end of the school year! -freaks out- and the 8th isn't even the end of the series from what I've heard...

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1 'bout reading it online? you dont know any websites? well go on google and search it up.

here are two websites that i use

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Is there a local library that isn't part of the school? Or you could go to Barnes & Noble, pull it off the shelf and read it.

If you feel guilty about that and don't want to buy it, you can at least get a snack at their cafe, which will make you (and them) feel better about the whole thing ;)

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