Voice Acting in Anime

Being a recording studio engineer in a past life, voice acting has a sort of magic around it for me....

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While it maybe isn't as important as storyline, voice acting can greatly affect the quality of an anime. I think a lot of characters in anime draw much of their characterization from their voice actors, and in some instances the way they speak or what their voice sounds like becomes synonymous with that character outside of the writing itself.

I'm more familiar with American voice actors/tresses like Steve Blum (guy really seems to be everywhere these days) who seem to really nail a voice and tone for a character like Spike (Cowboy Bebop) and completely define them.

Does anyone have any favorite V.A.'s or thoughts on the importance of good voice acting?

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I'm wondering about the voice acting that takes place for Anime when it gets dubbed in English. A lot of the time, it sounds like there's a small cast that get all of the jobs, and the characters sound the same.

I tend to watch most stuff with subtitles, I guess I have this idea in my head that the production values will be lower for the dubbing process than the recording and casting of the original voice actors.

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