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Listen: otaku culture creeps me out. There are way too many examples for me to remember, so why not post them here? You know, assuming they aren't completely graphic and screwed up.

I've got your starter.

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region block here too

I think all otaku culture is creepy, almost by definition. We all need to grow up, get a life and stop obsessing about fictional charas....Um.....yeah. >_>;; But if you mean creepy within the fictional world the whole Moe trope is a big squick for me. Infantalised, unrealistic child-women (and sometimes males) being held up as an acceptable target of sexual desire. Childish cuteness does not equal sexy! Bleh.

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I'm really not sure what to think about that...

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I feel really weird after watching that. It's like an odd feeling in my stomach, like indigestion.

I ate Jalapeno chips and peanut butter protein balls while watching it too. But I'm pretty sure the feeling is from the video...

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gah. because region lock. i can't watch the vids. can you give another example in video?

oh just in case i had MANY stories about Creepy Otaku.

not just in japanese. but also in many place that you will never imagine.

i think :3

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@nijikon : more like i agree with ur argument.

but please don't ruin the fun because we're discussing this in otakupride :3

so let's had a pride for yourself rather than make ourself being creepy just for being otaku itself. rite?

and yes. by definition otaku was creepy

@green : for starter you could visit this link and read it :D

on my certain problem. there was a ppl who already in my friendlist (which is i didn't even know the person. lol) and his newsfeed comeup with something called like he want to be a girl and want to (sorry) had s3x with his (imaginary) little sister. or obviouslly making a stories about what he's been doin with his (imaginary) little sister.

IMO i think he better not doin that on facebook. or simply he could make that kind of stories into some fanfic or something likethat.

being creepy otaku is when you find your hectic was off on public. that's totally wrong. and that's makes you creepy...

nuff said

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This is just my own opinion, feel free to respond how ever you want (Nothing immature though if you do, please.)

Now I couldn't watch the video due to an error problem, but I did read the link from @Kaz and there is a difference from weeabo and otaku. (Like I said, just my opinion.) But weeabos take anime way to seriously. They say things like "kawaii" and "moe" all the time (I do it sometimes, but jokingly. Most weeabos do it non-jokingly.) Otakus really just enjoy the anime, cosplaying, cons, manga, etc. Weeabos take those things way to serouisly. Especially with "lolis" There was one murderer in Japan (Named the Otaku Muderer) that would kidnap the school girls and send lewd photos to their parents and once he even tried sticking a camera lens up a girl once in lewd attempts. Even though he did this you can't put him in a catergory with other people. People are different, not all otakus are the same.

Sorry that it's long ^^''

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