Whats the worst cliches in a manga, comic or anime

I would like your input for a comic i'm making the genre is Action, Adventure,Romance and Fantasy Fiction, any genres i should add... i feel as this will become the most beautiful and dramatic comic ive ever made and as a comic artist/ Mangaka starting out i need the help and i want it to be the best so

Tell me

What is a giant cliche that you hate to see?

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I know you didn't ask for this, but you may benefit more from making a comic for your own enjoyment and seeing how people respond to it. People are attracted to writers who bring a lot of themselves to their work. Pooling for other people's interests could result in something that you won't enjoy working on and others won't enjoy reading.

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I second what Jim says about good characterisation being more important than cliche'd plot elements. And blobguybob's comment about creating for yourself first, rather than trying to second guess the audience all the time. And gooie's explanation of all that is wrong with Harem anime...well, I don't watch harem anime but I'm sure it's right. 0_0'

Above all else I've got to say I hate to see a romance plot that feels awkwardly bolted on to the action. Like, someone wanted to make an action or thriller plot and the producers said: "Add a love interest, chicks dig romance. And add a comic relief chara for the kids. No reason you can't have lots of different genres blended in an story, just make sure they're well blended and everything feels relevant.

In action advenure stories, I also have a problem with boring heroes. I almost always end up cheering for the villains because so often the heroes are just kind of bland and formulaic. Give me a hero I can care about!

But of course, I'm no expert, I just read a lot of fiction and tvtropes.org. Good luck with your comic ^_^

5 years, 10 months ago

I can get past just about any plot cliché as long as the characters are believable and interesting.

Obviously that's harder than it sounds, but just try to imagine a real person doing/saying each thing you write for your characters and make sure it passes the old wtf check :)

It often helps to base your most important characters on real people who you know well enough to say to yourself, "Would do/say this?"

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EDIT: DAMNIT MY IMAGES DIED! I will fix them, maybe

Harems. I admit I usually watch that young/sad male-skewed anime (i.e. the only stuff they seem to upload to Netflix), but I'm tired of those story beats. Introduce a female and a weakling male, add some obvious sexual tension, then add more females that fail to add any confusion about his feelings.

ouho This longing gaze we're sharing only proves that we're friends.

The worst part is they will drag this idiotic idea out for as many seasons as they can, even after the guy goes through Hell (in some cases, literally) to save this one good friend. And yet these other girls never get the hint. Apparently, everyone in anime has Asperger's because nobody can take a hint, despite how many tubs collectively plummet to their ever-resilient brain-cases.

Then, season two occurs (or insert the panic in the writer's room when they don't know how to milk this anymore) where they change gears completely. Are we at a school? Probably. Do students have some fighting capabilities? No doubt. Will a God-damn war break out?

enter image description here

But, at the end of the day, the war will be resolved, some ass-hat will die, and the love conflict will not be resolved, even if by feats of magic or time travel the male and female leads have a baby. They get past the point of needing resolution and they still eschew it completely. Awesome; fine; whatever; I see you have a formula that works, so let's get all "Call of Duty" on it and make sure we drive that same train into the ground like every otaku is doing with their body pillows.

The world is saved, thanks to Harem anime girls!

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I would have to say the fan service. Sure some clever fan service is good enough, but when it's like over the top bouncy boobs everywhere, man it bugs me. Don't get me wrong, i love boobs in anime, it's just that sometimes it's not necessary to have bouncyness every 2-3 seconds haha :P

5 years, 8 months ago
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