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I declare this thread to be a place to alert other users of awesome/stupid-ass-all-hell shows that pop up on Netflix. If someone finds something and you watch it afterwards, tell us what you thought here, too!

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I just discovered Rosario+Vampire (one of my "favorite" fan-subbed anime shows) is now on Netflix Instant Watch. This travesty of just finding out shall be stopped! "Stopped how" you ask? By posting in this thread! Repetitive sentences are repetitive!

After I watch some of it, I'll drop another update to let you know how it holds up to the usual nonsense. Wish me luck!

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Good news, everyone! I watched two episodes of Rosario+Vampire and it seems to work pretty well. Obviously, they changed some lines, but I am still amused.

I'm a bat, however, did not survive.

The voice acting seems okay so far (granted I haven't seen that many characters so far), but the bat has overall disappointed me. His lines work, but the tone seems so off.

Otherwise, if you aren't uncomfortable with over-sexualized slapstick comedy, you should check it out. It looks great in HD!

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Got into Needless from one night of watching. I have to say while it's pretty pervy in the anime, it gracefully soars higher (or rockets up) into near R18 areas in the manga, though the action and comedy more than makes up for it.

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This week, I stumbled upon Demon King Daimao. At first, I was really digging it, but that honeymoon period is pretty much gone.

Surprise, it has DBZ-like (read: outlandish nonsense and exposition) mixed with harem elements. I guess the major difference is how quickly the series goes from slapstick high school shenanigans to intense fighting and the central male character isn't a total weakling.

Oh, and did I mention this?

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Yeah, it goes there. Not as much as, say Rosario+Vampire, but it is heavily there.

In closing: magic, chicks, weird-shit. My suggestion is to check out the first episode or two. If you don't like the dumb storyline, mixed with the same cheeky relationship conflicts, then you shouldn't bother with the rest.

5 years, 12 months ago
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