why are you a otaku ?

why did you choose to be an otaku

Was it for the anime or are you a gamer or both?

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Well i guess i am an otaku and im a guy... i Like Japanese music, I Like Japanese Food and Culture. For some odd reason i learned the language a little bit and i also like manga and anime..............But i never say Kawaii or any other words and i adress my friends as they're name is said i don't add san or kun or chan

I chose it because ..... Why Not... it was more or me just figuring out what to call myself.... FIRST it was watching anime THEN reading manga NEXT it was drawing Manga LASTLY it was listening the Japanese music Now it do all of the above because it mostly interests me and i find it awesome and fun.

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I didn't choose to be an Otaku. My interests and lifestyle happen to fit the Otaku paradigm.

I am comfortable with the moniker and do not take it as an insult. :-)

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I love JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all. Now, shoo shoo.

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Im an otaku because its one of the only demographics that accepts all people, things like conventions and websites like this are places to meet great people. Not only that but you can learn so many new things about so many different genres of culture and media. Plus it doesnt hurt that japanese culture and media is super interesting :)

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I'm an Otaku because anime is the only thing that I can relate to. Also, I love Japan, have an Otaku lifestyle, Otaku culture is awesome, and the anime-related games (visual novels, eroge, etc...) are just so awesome! In other words, being an otaku is AWESOME! > w <

6 years ago

Because it's what I am. When it comes to hobbies I am an Otaku before anything else.

I love anime,and through that love of anime I've come to enjoy manga, Tokusatsu and other similar things. AS well as gain a respect for Japan, its people, language and culture

I find Otaku (at least how we outside Japan define the term) are one of the most accepting,inclusive and united fandoms out there. Someone new joins our group saying they've only seen one series, we jump up with new suggestions for them. because that's what we do.

Compare that to the He-man fans I've been spending some time with. I've never seen such a splintered fandom so many different sub-groups within it Hate for anything not Filmation (who made the 80s cartoon) Hate for She-Ra Hate for anything that's not the original mini-comics Hate for New Adventures Hate for the 200X series.
It baffles the mind.

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i am just as kawaii_nai. my lifestyle and interest just seem to fit and the level of accept by its enviorment is great for my weirdness as well im 23 and they way i am was hard for people to get wen i was growing up so i try to inspire a level of proudness of weirdness in younger generations.So far i have 4"pupils" inspired and this lifestyles helps spread the love of weiedness.

5 years, 11 months ago
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I was simply born this way.. haha... My being OTAKU is INNATE :)

4 years, 9 months ago
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i've got a question

does anyone know what Otaku means?

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I'm a girl and I LOVE anime, been collecting it for years. First show I ever watched was Robotech then Naruto. From there on it's been hundreds of shows. I love the Japanese culture and their creativity.

I am a gamer and computer nerd as I have a Computer Science degree, I fit in right with the guys but still being feminine, lol. My bf loves that I am into gaming and anime, lol.

How did I become an Otaku???? hmmmm, well it just happened when a friend gave me a DVD and said "watch this" from then on I was hooked. The story was gripping and the drawings and characters kept me captivated.

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I really like anime from the first time I see em' in TV. Who cares, I just really love it !!

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I kind of forgot how I became an otaku... xD oh well.. but I do remember that it was the same phase with me.. first I started off watching anime then it went on to reading manga and then listening to j-pop, and so on.. here I am now xD

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