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Name: Abigail

Location: New York

About: My name is Abigail Aviles (I think I said too much- Dont use my name against me!) Anyways, I love anime- JAPANESE CARTOONS ROCK! I also love to write stories about vampires who fall in love with humans (main characters: Antony and Abby(not me)), Demons and humans (Tetzal and Julia), Invisible hot dudes who talk to a girl (She thinks shes losing her mind- I would too if I heard a voice in my head that was the epitome of sin and heaven.... Her name is Alya and his is Leijar). Theres another one with a group of super natural warriors who fight evil and stuff- The leader named Maiyel killed his wife the first time he changed into a vamp and has been miserable since, but when he meets Linda (Who was found near their fortress half dead) he becomes enchanted by the beauty. But he cant seem to let his ex go- he really loved her. Anyway, the story is romantic but its also filled with action because hello, theres a bunch of vampire warriors who live to kill. By the way, their main objective is to kill their sire- the evil wench who made them vamps. Maiyel especially wants to kill her....I cant wait to write out that gruesome and totally awesome event!!!! I also have one about a guy named Eric who is often epitomized as beauty and knows it. He could have any girl, if he wanted one, but he chooses not to. Well, he makes a bet with Mike (his best bud) out of boredome. The bet is if he can make Andy (one of the hottest and weirdest girls in school) fall for him. He'll get two hundred bucks if he wins. The only problem- she wants nothing to do with him (Which is a first for eric) and Mike knew about it! Since Eric is not the type to give up he endeavors to make this girl fall for him.But who exactly will fall for you first??????? Ive got another one where a werewolf falls for a hybrid who just loves to bite (Drake and Lauren). And another where a girl falls for a guy believed to die at any given moment because of a terrible "accident". When Im bored, I write- so yeah, my life is really boring. When I dont write I watch animes or read manga (shoujo). Other then that I go to school, read til I go blind (mainly Gena Showalter books)go to church and fall asleep. Thats me... And maybe some other stuff but my fingers are hurting and I do not wish to continue writing anymore- Bye-Sayonara- BaiBai. P.S. Im a dreamer and I often imagine things I shouldnt. They mostly consist of seriously hot Asian/Mediterranean dudes with hawt bodies! Sigh....If only dreams could come true.

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