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i want to become a mangaka ( manga artist) and a comic artist altogether but every time i make a series i run into a Writer/ Artist block. Am i doing too much or do i need to start off somewhere elsewhere?

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First tell me everything about the manga. The caracters,plot,everthing.

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In creative endeavors it is often helpful to find a second person to help you.

I know of two kinds of person that fill this role well (for me at least)...

  1. A Muse: Someone who inspires you. Every time you speak with them your mind races with new ideas and thought paths you'd never considered. They point out flaws in your ideas, but with a healthy serving of helpful suggestions and possible ways to improve.

  2. A Partner: Someone who will share the work with you and brainstorm while you're preoccupied with other things. They're especially helpful because hearing about their ideas and progress gives gets your mind back into the flow, and makes you feel great about your progress.

It's great when you have both, especially when your partner is also a muse, but make sure it's someone who you can stand to be around for many hours ;)

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