Undertaker-- A Basic Guide

I've posted this on both cosplay.com and maxdanwiz, so I'll just post it here, too. Pictures will be posted later, but if you really want to see them, go to http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=260856.

I’ve seen many topics for Ciel, Sebastain, and Grell, but not much for Undertaker. So I decided to be really nice and make a sort of guide for Undertaker Cosplay. This post is for those of you who want to Cosplay as Undertaker, but have no idea where to start! In this post, I’ll do my best to describe and give advice (as well as links) on certain “versions” of the Undertaker, starting with the version most people are familiar with:

Wah! He’s so dang cute XD. Of course, you’ll need to get a long gray wig. I myself have not bought an Undertaker wig, but I found a few that I’m looking into. If anyone has any advice for the wig, please tell me and I’ll be more than glad to put it here…


Jacket— Undertaker wears a long jacket-thingy that suspiciously resembles Snape’s, down to the numerous buttons and mandarin collar. How many buttons? 7 on one sleeve and 11 down the front. The jacket-thingy goes down to below the knee. I would recommend pattern:

Butterick—b5425 version A. You’ll have to modify it, of course. Hey, don’t forget the white trim under the sleeves and collar!!!!

Over-Coat—For the over-coat, I would recommend the same pattern, but version C with, once again, modifications. Or use these other patterns:


Here’ a close up of the overcoat collar. The sash looks just like a long rectangle, kind of a purplish-gray color. Nothing special about that…

Shoes— oh, boy. This one’s a pain... I searched the internet for thigh high boots that didn’t have extremely high heels. Couldn’t find any. If you find some, or happen to know a tidbit about the boots, then post it! We Undertaker cosplayers will love you. As for me, I found boots that stopped below the knee. The height of the heel and the material of the boot are perfect, but the length isn’t long enough. What I did was make thigh high spats. Here are a couple tutorials, in case you end up making spats yourself:


I think last I counted there were about 9 buckles going up the boot. There seems to be some kind of weird patch-thingy below the knee, or right on the knee. I’ll post a picture when I finish mine.

Hat—for some reason, I find that the hat is quite easy to accomplish. At least more so than the rest of the costume. You can find various tutorials for top-hats, but a lot of them are for mini top-hats. I found this tutorial that I like. It’s from Chioky. You might recognize the name for the wooden BLEACH Katana tutorials. It’s certainly one of the better hat tutorials I’ve seen. His hat is really tall, but you can change it to the length that you want:


If you have any other hat tutorials you really like, then tell me. I’ll post it here.

Now, to get that stretchy effect, take some stretchy fabric, like jersey, and cut a reeaaallly long rectangle. The width of that rectangle should be smaller that the circumference of the hat, but not too small, or you won’t be able to use it. Sew up the long sides of the rectangle and one of the ends. Take the open end and pull it over the top of the hat. You can make the length of the rectangle as long as you want it. And there you have Undertaker’s extreme extension top-hat. If you want that bent look to it, sew the sides at an uneven angle. Or you might gather the fabric at a couple places. It’s your choice.

Now for the minor details: Scars—get some Rigid Collodion and bring it all the way up from the right cheek to above the left eye. If you use other methods of applying scars, by all means, go right ahead. There is also a scar on his left pinky, like a ring of its own. Notice that there’s also a scar like a choker around his neck. Warning—watch out for if you have a latex allergy!!! If you do happen to have a latex allergy, use black kohl eyeliner and then blend it in your skin with a small make-up brush. Cookies—much of the time, you’ll see Undertaker with doggie bone cookies in a mini-cauldron. Enough said. Cookies and cookie-cutter: Wal-Mart. Mini Cauldron: Also Wal-mart, or when it’s out of season, Halloween store. Jewelry—Undertaker wears a ring on his left fore-finger. It looks like hair art. The pendants that are around his hip are sometimes called memorial pendants. I think there are five, but I’m not sure. In the mangaka’s artwork, the pendants are gold, where-as in the anime they are silver. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. At first, I’d bought silver-colored, but I pasted gold leafing to the edge and around the back. Okay, some of you are asking—“what in the world is a memorial pendant?” It became really popular in the Victorian Era that when your loved one died, you kept a lock of hair and had the hair curled and knotted into beautiful shapes on a piece of jewelry. Most of them were pendants and brooches. Some were rings. Now you’ve learned something new today. Yay! Now, what I’ve done is taken some hair and Modge-Podge it onto paper in simple designs. Then I took some Epoxy Resin Coating and covered it to give it a real and 3-d effect. Bead necklace—the name kind of says it all. Some of the pictures have aqua-colored beads. Others are shiny black. I just use my black pearls. Nails—get them fake at a costume store. Or you could grow your nails out and paint them black (I don’t recommend the second).

Well, that’s it for the basic version of Undertaker. I’m going to leave space for 3 other versions of him.

Till then... ~eihihihih~

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Wow, that is highly detailed. I really like the overcoat a lot... oddly enough, the second coat today that I thought was awesome (except the other was in real life and reminded me a bit of a heartless from Kingdom Hearts).

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Very nice post (PS - As moderator, I edited to make your links clickable)

Can't wait to see your pics embedded here :)

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