What's the difference between Cons and japan's festival?

Hi guys, first things first. this is my first post so don't bash me harshly okay :p ?

umm.. I am from indonesia and never experienced cons out there. beside, at my place there is NO ONE an event that make like a convention that i know from the forum i know... but, we have a countless japan's festival that are held every month.

yeah... every month, who drain the energy of my friends and mine of course.

So, i would like to ask this:

What is the big difference between anime/game conventions and japan's festivals? i am willing to know that and i'll appreciate your feedback. since i just know that cons out there from countless forum i know :p

...and if you are one of the volunteers in past convention, please give your thought xD

Forgive me for my bad english... DUH Dx

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Festivals are primarilly used to celebrate something. Like the Cherry Blossom Festival or Summer Festivals.

Conventions are used as a gathering of people who share the same interests such as anime, cars, technology. Ususally you get the people together have events, discussions, and what not.

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Yup, and cons have people dressed up as anime characters where as festivals have people dressed in traditional clothing and such.

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@naota : but at my place. the the festival always be held with another interest. so i can't tell how exact it was a convention one like you told or it was a celebration of an event like cherry blossom festive or another example.

but, at my place, we are rarelly don't have any convention event. its just a toys fair ( not a comic) who used as event for gathering people.

@maria: in my place, that's the opposite. i don't know who or how it will end like that. sometimes when it was a festival, people going to wear any japanese cosplay chara (well, there is some yukata also) but, it doesn't suits with the event though.. am i right?

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