A New Rurouni Kenshin Anime Announced

This is pretty exciting news for those of us who grew up watching this series (or reading the manga) in the mid to late 90s.

The new production has been green-lit and, hopefully, we can expect something along the lines of a trailer sometime this fall. More Info

What are your thoughts on a new Rurouni Kenshin (or Samurai X, as it's called in certain places) anime series, OP?

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I'm really interested to see what they do in terms of the art style.

I would personally like to see it done in a modern style, or something artsy like xxxholic

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i can't wait to see a trailer during fall and hope they keep the same voice actors.

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I can't wait to see this newer version! I wonder if Nobuhiro Watsuki先生 is really involved with this new project, & if this is an opportunity to redesign the series (giving it a fresher look for modern times). I grew up on Rurouni Kenshin (manga & anime), so this is really exciting!!

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