Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger

I've mentioned Sentai and Kamen Rider befopre on this forum before but I wanted to tell everyone about the most recent Super Sentai series:

Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger: The 35th anniversary sentai series. For 34 years various teams have been transforming and saving Earth.

Basic plot: A year ago there the Legendary Great War when the Zangyack attacked Earth. They were defeated by the all the previous sentai heroes. While the empire was defeated the sentai heroes lost their powers, being scattered into the depths of space.

A year later A team of Pirates arrive on Earth in search of the "Greatest Treasure in the Galaxy" (No not One Piece) They find Earth again under siege by the Zangyack. The pirates (the Gokaigers), now must battle the Zangyack as they search for the treasure, lead by Captain Marvelous. (who is supposedly based on Jack Sparrow) To aid them, the Gokaigers have Ranger Keys. These keys allow them to transform into past Sentai Heroes.

note colors do not have to match, GokaiYellow can become a previous Red Ranger if she uses that Ranger Key.

I highly recommend this show, the characters are fun, the action is good and the CGI is well done. If you ever liked Power Rangers or have watched other Super Sentais give this one a shot. so far only two episodes are out so it's easy to jump in (I use TV Nihon for all my Tokusatsu torrents)

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How has no one jumped on this post!? This has to be by far my favorite ranger series yet. Badass Captain Marvelous makes the show work, I'm just sayin.

I'm kind of hoping the American entertainment industry doesn't get their hands on it... There are waaaay too many things that they could possibly fuck up in their remake...

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