Gantz: Live Action Movie Review

Here's a review of the Gantz live-action film that screened here in the States on 1/20.

via "Here at Way of the Nerd, we’re committed to bringing you exclusive up to date information. This time we’re here with an exclusive review of the Gantz live-action movie. This was a special event not only because it was a one day event, but also due to the fact that the movie was screened here in the States just about a week before it comes out in Japan (January 29), and we were there at the NYC screening! So tune in and read our reaction to this live action adaptation.

To say that this movie was horrifyingly, painstakingly, nightmare inducing, head-bursting bad is an understatement but this doesn’t mean that it didn’t have its good points...Read More"


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I really liked your rating system; it plays well to your format and theme. Nice review!

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