Tokyo bans anime and manga with "questionable" content

Here is a bit of an opinion piece I want to share with more otaku. I guess, it is worth noting that I do not consider myself an "otaku," or at least I wouldn't label myself as such. I am an anime fan and damn proud of it though!

So Tokyo's Metropolitan Government finally passed a bill (Bill 156) that bans content of a sexual or violent nature or what it considers "likely to interfere with the healthy development of youth."

At WayoftheNerd, we feel that this law specifically targets the otaku population instead of actually accomplishing anything relevant towards the development of youth. Our opinions and argument against this law can be found in this article here.

We are interested in what other fellow fans have to say about this, so we are hoping to start some conversation amongst the otaku community.

Is Bill 156 just or unjust? Please share!

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I've heard about this bill, and there is alot of mis information running around about it. What it bans is the sale of manga/anime to minors that contains Illegal sexual acts like rape,pediphilia and beastiality (no I don't know how to spell it and my spell checker isn't telling me.)

Also Sexual relations between family memebers that would not be allowed to marry.
basically incest the only boradcasted series that I can think of off the top of my head that this will effect is Yosuga no Sora.

Yaoi is NOT effected by this law.

SO what exactly is the point of this law? To make those idiots in governmet feel like they accomplished it's just like the United States....

I would also like to state that Tokyo Governor Ishihara is a moron whose pevious statments inculde suggesting that homosexual and otaku have defective DNA and that all forgieners should be kicked out of Japan...again he's be right at home with some of our politicians... I freaking hate politicans

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I got my info from a podcast actually. Anime Pulse episode 261. Before you anyone calls foul I have listen to these guys for three years and they do their research.

Ichigo is the main host, he not only speaks Japanesse but currently lives in Japan so he's a lot closer to the information sourse that most people.

The propblem is that the law is also vauge, like obesnity laws in the US, They can't define it but they know it when they see it.

Supposedly a Dojin was being released at the most recent Comiket that explains the law in more detail. Let's hope some one scans and translates it.

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This is in the tradition of Chinese legalism that, as I understand it, Japan inherited from China along with Confucian thought. Basically, the idea is that the government is permitted to have vague laws that it enforces at will, for the sake of the greater good. This is obviously not palatable to most Western thinkers, and the US at least theoretically has a standard for obscenity (though, sadly, it is inconsistent.)

Ishihara is the Japanese equivalent of a Holocaust denier, incidentally. He denies the Rape of Nanking during WWII took place at all. He also claims that Japan is, or was, "justified" in invading Korea. He's not very popular with other Asian countries, as you can see, and during the recent quake, he tried to claim it was divine punishment. This is classic extreme right-wing behavior.

You're right on the money when you say this accomplishes little but makes politicians feel like (and claim) they are "protecting kids."

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