Knew this was coming eventually

I found this article on Sankaku Complex, Not Work safe

If you don;t want to click the link bascially the article says Tech Arts 3D are reporting their new penis controller system, the “USB OnaCon,” has been completed and will soon be available to ero-gamers. The device is intended to be open and able to function with any game supporting the technology (Tech Arts 3D have several underway), and should be relatively inexpensive at around ¥2,000. The rubber part is intended to be removable for cleaning. Sadly for non-Yamato, the device’s usable length is a feeble 14cm (5.5 freedom inches), hardly sufficient for the mighty American phallus. Deep market penetration can only be expected amongst the lonely males of Japan, it seems.

Release is expected in the spring of 2011, with additional “secret features” to be revealed before then.

Should be intresting to see what games are released for this.

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Most frightening game of DDR ever?

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