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Salutations all!

Hoping to bounce something off my fellow otaku here, as it seems there is a varying level of ages and experience here.

Of recent, I've been happy to see more of the anime I've only had access to in fan-subs coming out on DVD here in North America. I've always been of the personal belief that if you like something, you should support it ... if the cost is reasonable.

Take for example, the coming release of Durarara in North America. The full series is being split into three separate volumes going for $50 US each. So, $150 for 24 eps, or $6.25 per episode, and that is before any local taxes.

Or another example, Soul Eater. Four volumes at $54 each before tax. 51 episodes for $216, or $4.24 an episode. A hefty price for a full show, yet less costly when compared per episode to Durarara.

Or even Cannan. One volume, 13 episodes, $54 or $4.15 an episode.

Now, these are just some examples, but when you compare this to something like Crunchyroll, where you can pay $6.95 US a month and have unlimited access to a huge library of anime, with varying mediums to enjoy it with, it seems a bit extreme to me.

Or so I've been thinking. Because then I think back to all the anime I bought when I was younger, how much I would drop to buy shows one disc at a time before the idea of single volume complete sets came to be. Or even further back when I started into the anime fandom and bought VHS tapes of anime.

But by the same token, back in those days, mass-production of anime was more difficult. The technologies were still new, or generally expensive to mass produce, and the industry was small. Now, anime has gotten big enough that there are few stores that don't carry it to some degree, and the mass production of media has improved to a point where you can barely measure the cost into the end price anymore.

Then again, if I lived in Japan, I guess the prices they charge here would seem like a bargain, as from what I've read a single DVD over in Japan can go for the equivalent of $50 US or more.

Honestly, I'm not sure if its just my having been unemployed for nearly two years straight, and clinging to every penny I get ... or if anime is in fact too overpriced to be reasonable.

So, I pose this to you, my otaku brothers and sisters, how are the costs of anime fairing these days? Am I off my rocker, or am I on the "money"?

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Ah, true, I had not thought of Netflix, and I see it has Soul Eater and a few other titles, but its a slim selection. But they are on par with Crunchyroll for price and have more available mediums to enjoy the titles, plus regular TV.

While Netflix and Crunchyroll are both "rental" mediums, they still should be giving Anime companies food for thought. After all (and we are ignoring the free month trial here) if I can pay $7.99 for a month of Netflix and watch all of Soul Eater in said month, that's $0.16 an episode ... and that is if that's the only show I watch on my account in that month.

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Not so sure on the math of it, but at least Netflix has Soul Eater and whatnot on it.

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at my place, we are never buy DVD. since the effect of "Copy PASTA", computer, and internet allow you to download any of what you like... even in anime in DVD version.

i am not deny this but most people are prefer that. but sometime normal people choose to buy the original one with reasonable price.

but some fandom one that i met buy the pirated DVD (yeah, the one with the fansub... we know)

i think people must realize that this industry was, (yes) profitable. but with this internet thingy... we will realize its hard to move from what i call "copy PASTA" into "buy the original one"

i though we are not loss most of our money for buy the DVD one, right?

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