Expensive Rubber Cosplay?

I hate posting links from Kotaku, but I frankly don't want to post the original Japanese source.

alt text

These suits look truly awesome, but I can't help but think if you were sweating in one of these, it would be hard to get off. Looks like there is some cloth there, though, so it isn't entirely a scuba flipper. $6000+ for a suit? I feel like you could get a better deal elsewhere.

Do you have any holy-crap cosplay outfits that are either very expensive OR use a lot of leather/plastic/pleather? Show 'em off here!

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When I looked at this it made me think of this stuff people use for cosplay armor and stuff called "Wonderflex". The first cosplay I saw using it was an Ed Elric cosplay where they had used the wonderflex to make his automail, and it looked REAL. Like really really real. I'm sure you can make something similar to this way cheaper using something like wonderflex.

Also, this was made partially out of wonderflex: alt text

Not sure how much of it actually is wonderflex, but I really really want to make one now.

In conclusion, I will not be spending $6000+ on a plastic suit, but instead spend 600+ hours of frustration and annoyance making a plastic suit if I ever need one for any reason.

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6 G's? WTF?

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