New Favorite Anime: Ouran High School Host Club

Netflix, you magnificent bastard, you've done it again!

So if you couldn't tell by my older choices, I like comedy over anything else. I'm not much for drama, unless that drama involves Goku dying again and saving the world. However, comedy is always a standby and this series isn't anything bland (so far).

I've watched two episodes of Ouran High School Host Club back-to-back and I couldn't have enjoyed it more. It is hard to describe and I'm not one to spoil surprises, but it is very enjoyable for a comedy/teen drama. It centers around going to a school with filthy rich, disturbingly good-looking people and being dragged, unwillingly, into their world.

I guess the only reason why someone wouldn't want to watch it is that it has some yaoi tendencies, even incestuous ones (but it hasn't actually become "gay").

Has anyone else watched this series? If you did or you plan to, let me know!

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Renge is the most annoying character ever. I'm so glad she isn't in every episode. GAH damn French Otaku.

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