Otaku Pride Podcast? NYCC?

There have been talks between the formerly active Otaku Pride Podcasters regarding another episode. We thinks this might happen. We also think there will be drinking and possibly a guest.

To help get the ball rolling, we'd like to have your comments on this article one of our new writers at TotalPlayStation.com wrote up about Halo eating away at gaming. You might agree; you might hate it; you might think it has a valid point. What say you? Is Halo Reach a MURDERER!?!

Also, possibly, on the agenda, is Scott Pilgrim. Jim and I have both read it, while I have also played the games AND watched the film. I've been waiting a long time to talk about it, but I want to hear what you guys think about the franchise before we record.

Lastly, any general podcast or site questions, feel free to post here. Hopefully, I'll get a response for you.

P.S. Go play Minecraft before you are the last person in the universe to do so.

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Why do I always play as Ramona?

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