[Anime] Highschool of the Dead Episode 1 Review

Not sure if this, or anything similar, is already up on here but here is a review of the first episode of Highschool of the Dead written by my girlfriend and I for our website. Just wanted to share and maybe get more people into watching this series, it is pretty damn good!


8 years ago
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Man, it is so hard to sit through zombie stuff. I hate that kind of gore, but it doesn't seem like the series is going to go that deep into seeing innards being torn out.

Nice little review :)

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Ah just watched 1,2,and 3 and I gotta say "it's epic" manly thumbs up for all.

8 years ago
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i'm very much enjoying this series. the plot is interesting enough (Zombies, c'mon!) that i can overlook the gratuitous fan service that you two pointed out lol. great review!

8 years ago
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