NYAF 2010 Cosplay's

Okay, NYAF 2010 is in a few months as of the writing of this post. I was thinking that if anyone is going, Are you doing to Cosplay? If so What are you going to Cosplay During This Years convention.

Last Year I was the Millenium Earl from D Gray Man. This year I am going to do Gluttony from FMA Brotherhood. I think I Can Pull that Character off because of my physical attributes and insatiable apatite.

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I won't be cosplaying this year, probably because I don't think anyone is going to take a journalist seriously when he has a proton pack strapped onto his back. That and I'm not one of those guys.

I am interested in seeing what there will be this year. I know Sasha was talking about dressing up, as were a few other users/friends/family. I really give props to people that go as absolutely obscure characters. I don't want to prime anyone, but if you can pull of a random character (the more complex the design, the better) in a few months, you are a friggin' hero in my book.

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I am probably going to be lazy this year and throw together a last-minute Axel cosplay--aka black jeans, black shoes, a black hoodie, black gloves, and awkardly spiked hair. I'll probably also bring my Hawkeye costume from last year and my steampunk outfit as well, just because walking around/sleeping in the same outfit for two days is awkward to say the least.

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Overused joke of a large cardboard box with the words "Gundam" on it will suffice...or maybe a cosplay of Adachi from Persona 4 if I can get my hands on a suit.

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I'll probably go as charlie the unicorn. Hopefully I can get some friend's to come as the pink and blue/purple unicorn's.

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Wow... late reply to thread is late. Darnt hat I didn't catch this when it was still fresh. On second thought, had I done so, I prolly wouldna known what I would be cosplaying seeing as I'm always waiting till last minute to decide...

Anyhow. Having said that, I have figured out my plans for this year~

Friday: Luffy(One PIece)

Saturday: Colonello(Katekyo Hitman Reborn)/ Grell Sutcliffe(Kuroshitsuji)

Sunday:Kida Masaomi(Drrr!)

Though now that I'm posting so late...I do wonder if anyone would respond T~T

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I will be cosplaying as Alphard from Canaan. I also have a 2nd cosplay (Hijikata from Hakuouki Shisengumi Kitan) that I will bring also with me if I want to do something different.

7 years, 10 months ago
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silent hill nurse! cliche but oh well lol

8 years ago
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