Smash Bros. Myth: Play as Master Hand

Our buddies at GTTV have put up a nice video about one of the greatest GameCube myths ever.

A lot of people have claimed that you can unlock more characters in games like Smash Bros. The myth dates back to the N64 version when it was said you could unlock Raichu (still yet to be proven but there is no reason to think you can). I am in the camp of people that "claim" they have unlocked the character Master Hand before. Thanks to a tipster and GameTrailers, we might have the answer.

Have you tried this myth? Do you know any glitches that you love to exploit or claim have burned you?

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Holy crap, I've always wanted to play as the Master Hand! I have to get around to trying this... ::blows off the inch of dust on his Gamecube::

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can you even KO the master hand? lol

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