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Wow, looks to be a Second Life competitor. I like competition, it brings about innovation. Needless to say, I was a bit excited when I got news of this this morning. I will be taking a pre-launch tour/walkthrough, so I can't wait to come back to this world and share my experiences in the 3Dchat world with you. Be sure to check out their site, it has a lot to offer and has some great videos and pics. I would show them to you here, but alas, it is in flash.

alt text
Starting July 7, players will be able to have a drink at the local pub, dance it up with a bevy of hot singles or engage in dancing competitions on the KIX stage, or simply meet and converse with like-minded adults, all from the comfort of their own homes. The 3Dchat beta is currently open for enrollment and interested players can fill out the quick questionnaire now for their chance for early entry by visiting

3Dchat is a comprehensive virtual world geared toward a mature audience that has something for everyone and offers more varied gameplay options and interactions than any other virtual world currently on the market. For more information about 3DChat, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or visit

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It seems like if they combined their efforts with that game-dating site (where you can pay a girl to play a simple flash game or a 360 game with you) then they've have a pretty strong market hold.

The problem with this facing off against SecondLife is at least two-fold. First, SL allows you to create just about anything and even charge for it. Second, the name association with a product that has been out there forever doesn't really help 3Dchat that much. It really is going to depend on how they differentiate and subsequently promote that.

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