there is this video game store by my house called play and trade and THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE ARE EVIL!!!!!!! (well not all the people really just the owner guy) There are people there that are nice... like there is this one girl named kirby who is nice.. infact I think my sister convinced her to get an acount on here.

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For some reason, I thought this was going to be about how game companies don't gain any profit from the re-sale of used games, and how the companies are pissed about it, and want in on said profit, as well as developing into a discussion on people's opinions about the subject.

Guess I was wrong, lol.

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Play&Trade, as a company, has better business practices than GameStop and the others (if there are any more left). I've been to the local Play&Trade and I haven't had any problems with the staff. Granted I never buy used games because I don't hate the game industry (and I also get them for free, mostly), but Play&Trade tends to screw over the customer less with their policies. Mostly in terms of what a new game really is; a new game has never been opened and the box with it's content is completely intact.

Honestly, retail is full of jerks. Some people are jaded, others don't care, and a few are just tired and not paying attention. Don't take it personally, but more importantly, don't contradict yourself. You call the business itself evil while you then say some people there are nice.

I don't get you, Little Man.

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