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Few months ago I asked everyone "What older cartoon would you like to see as an anime" well it seems Warner Brothers saw that thread and while not doing He-man like i suggested is doing another classic toon. TheunderCats

Warner Bros working with Studio 4C will bring this new show to the airwaves in 2011. how good will it be? Who knows but I'm hopefully. although given Japan's obession with moe I'm almost fightened to see what they do to Willykit

and the link:

warning, the story is work safe but the rest of the site...may not be.

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Ah, yes. I read that post on Sankaku awhile back. I agree, it is a bit worrysome what they may do with Wilykit considering the moe-style that has been big lately in Anime.

However lookinh through Studio 4C's followings, I don't see much evidence that they are known for much moe in their titles ... though my information could be outdated.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see what happens with this classic title in its new format.

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Could be awesome... I'll have to see it to believe it though :(

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