What Makes You Social With Otaku?

A thought came to mind that I wanted to pose to the members here. We all have reasons, whether conscious or subconscious, as to why we interact with certain individuals who enjoy the same interests and passions as us. However, we all know that regardless of someone liking, let's say, the same anime genre or J-pop artist as us, there are just some people that we will never speak to or have a desire to speak to for whatever reason.

That "whatever reason" is what I want to explore and discuss from both the positive and negative angle.

I want to find out what you believe triggers a favorable and disgusted social response in you, me, and others and how you have achieved such responses. Was it a random moment at an anime convention? Was it through a social networking community like Facebook, Twitter, or Otaku Pride? We all should already know what "otaku" means, so pointing out what enables (and disables) us to socialize among those who are also passionate about the same things as we are, despite natural boundaries, should be simple.

Or is it? Share your thoughts here.

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You kinda just blew my mind...

I think we react with people who have similar interests as us is because we see ourselves in them. Exploring people who seem like you is a way of exploring yourself.

Now I blew my own mind...

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Well, when you're talking to a fellow anime fan, you can usually kick off a conversation just using the medium itself as the topic, and from there, delve deeper into the Otaku culture, discussing different shows, sharing likes and dislikes, etc. I've done this a few times, and the conversations were very enjoyable.

Though I believe that's veering from the topic of the post. Simply put, we can easily socialize with others that share a mutual interest because it's easier to engage in a fun conversation about things you like.

But it's also somewhat of a double-edged sword. Say I was speaking to a friend about the VERY general topic of music. I bring up my likes, and he brings up his likes, and they greatly differ. My JPOP vs. his Melodic Metal. Deathcore vs. Death Metal (there is a difference lol). If we simply can't enjoy each other's taste in music, then the conversation becomes stagnant, and we're back at square one.

And if we're talking about anime, I'm the only one in my group that is REALLY into it. I have a few friends that watch a show or two, but when we get to talking about it, I get called out for watching shoujo and cutesy types of stuff like Clannad, Haruhi Suzumiya (if you totally overlook the big picture) and the like. It's harder to hold a conversation if the interests are too varied, and thus, less enjoyable.

I'm not even sure if I stayed on topic, though. It's late. I'm tired. lol.

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I like anime and it is fun to discuss my interests with people who are also interested in it. Otaku pride is the only website I use as an outlet for my interest instead of talking about Japanese cartoons with my friends.

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