Character theme songs?

If you're an avid music listener like me, you may have heard some songs that remind you of certain manga/anime characters. Tite Kubo (Bleach creator) included theme songs in the character profiles at the ends of the earlier manga volumes, and they seemed to fit really well. Naturally, Ichigo's theme song was by Bad Religion. Uryu's was a song called Idioteque by Radiohead, one of my favorite bands. Listen to it; see if it reminds you of Uryu as well:

Radiohead - Idioteque

What songs remind you of manga/anime characters?

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I don't really know of particular songs that remind me of certain anime characters. Mostly because I'm not all that connected to them. Yes, we can relate to characters, but the fact is that unless we created them ourselves, it's a tad difficult to assign a "theme song" to one. Reason why Title Kubo can do that with his own characters.

I've created a number of OCs (original characters) for my own stories, and even they don't have particular theme songs. However, there are songs that I have associated with their personal tastes in music. Also, I have likened songs as themes, like OP/ED themes, to my story concepts in general. Mainly, they serve as forms of drive and inspiration to continue on with crafting the story.

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I find it hard to apply theme songs to characters as well, since most of them already have a theme song anyways, depending on the show/game.

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I'd say Carameldasen reminds me of Miku Hatsune and yes I know she isn't a manga/anime character.

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