My new manga project! :D

Jim wanted to see some of my manga, so I figured I'd talk about my latest series.

It's called Year 54, and it happens 54 years after the start of an apocalypse caused by a worldwide nuclear war, following five anything-but-ordinary adolescents as they struggle to survive. They must trek a continent before they reach safety. It's mostly inspired by American graphic novel series The Walking Dead.

The first chapter is still in the development process. My fellow manga-ka Drew is scripting it, then we will storyboard it, and then I will actually draw it out. It should be finished by summer vacation (late June). At that point, I will publish it on our site and link to it here.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, etc., feel free to share. Thanks for checking this out!

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I'll scan some of them in this week - Drew is using them for the script right now. I'll add a link when they're up.

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Sounds great man!

Though my artist and I run very slow unfortunately, we're aspiring manga-ka as well with me as the writer.

I'll look forward to seeing your work~!

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I'm working on my first manga right now,it's called "Love's Umbrella". It's a shojo manga,so I hope all the girls will wanna see it!

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sweet, got any concept drawings we can check out?

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Can't wait to take a look. How's the progress going?

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Wow, this sounds awesome!! Can't wait to read it!! :)

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I think everyone is missing a valuable opportunity: getting a new theme for the site ^_^

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