Does any one here read fan-fics? If so where? does any one here wrtie fan-fics? if so , Where do you post them

Why do I bring this up?

1) I rather like this place and trying to keep throwing out new discussion topics

2) I've been browing this site a bit.

I find the crossover section to be most intresting

Full Metal Alchemist meets Bitter Virgn (a manga you proably will only see Scan-lated but I liked it)

Shuffle! (one of the better ero-game based animes) meets Kamen Rider

Lucky Star meets everyone from Haruhi Suzyamia to the Power Rangers to Grand theft Auto to Macbeth

I'm not ashamed to admit I've written some bad Evangelion fan-fcis on the old SDAT database and some not as bad Pokemon fics but I have no clue where they were posted. I;ve always liked the more outragesous fics, the stranger no matter how far it moves from the orginal series, the better.

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Not much of a fanfic person. I tried reading some, but couldn't go on after several paragraphs.

I write stories, and I'm writing one that's strongly influence by Haruhi Suzumiya, with a lot of the same character types, but has it's own original flair to it. I post on DeviantArt, but I've hit writer's block (for prose, anyways) and the story is on an indefinite hiatus. lol.

Though I did read a great original story on, though I can't remember the name to save my life. I think it was called 547 Service or something. It's a music story, about a girl that moves in with her cousin and she slowly gets into the music scene in town. I haven't finished it, but if you find it, I highly recommend it.

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The idea of fan-fiction is good. The execution, however, tends to be far from desirable.

Ultimately, you will encounter conflicting ideology no matter the source material or writer. If you are one that thinks differently of these relationships, you will often find yourself out of luck. Maybe Goku should have been with Mr. Popo (because everyone wants a piece of that), and that is were their relationship should have went. A jumping off point like that is often not the norm, and therefore you won't be happy with what you find.

Personally, I just don't have the time to read fan-fiction because I think, while they are the most devoted and will likely be truer to the source material, they are far too egocentric in their goals.

Regardless of what it is about, I encourage people to post fan-fiction on our site. I feel that this is a safer and probably a more constructive than destructive community (of course, Tom will argue that I am nothing but a trouble-maker). If there is any fan-fiction that needs some posting space, anyone should feel free to pop open a thread (and tag it properly) so people can look at it and talk about it.

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