Ratchet and Clank for xbox? tear it up insomniac!

Yes... it's happening :) Insomniac will be bringing a whole slew of their games to xbox via a partnership with EA. from the ars technica article:

The deal will see Insomniac bring its new game—which has yet to be detailed—to both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And, like the newly formed Respawn Entertainment, Price told G4tv.com that one of the major deciding factors to work with EAP was a desire to maintain IP ownership.

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When they first announced this, I was slightly concerned. I don't care at all anymore. Resistance and Ratchet are excellent franchises that they have been working on this generation, but they aren't going to start bringing them over to the 360 (legally, they couldn't anyway).

Sony owns the rights to Ratchet, Jim, so don't even think of putting on your fanboy hat and start screaming that it is the end of the world for Insomniac. I'm more worried about the fact that EA is snatching up studios (as they also acquired Respawn Entertainment (consisting mostly of former Infinity Ward [Modern Warfare] developers). Activision, in a strange twist (also, after losing the major people of Infinity Ward) forged a deal with Bungie to be their publisher.

These studios are big enough that they don't need to work with the two big gaming software companies, let alone leave Sony and Microsoft (respectively). As good as it is for losers that own only an Xbox 360 (namely, Jim), it really isn't going to turn out well. Remember when FF13 was announced to go multi-console? That didn't play out well, since it is the inferior version of a watered-down Japanese game. As much as I like Insomniac, only the last Ratchet and Clank game was a true current gen game.

Prepare for disappointment, 360 gamers. This specialized studio isn't about to blow you away with Sony games. You are going to get shitty ports of PS3 games and feel the garbage train that PS3 gamers have mostly received this generation.

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