I'm outraged, after all the time put into making sure the newest season would be completely badass, this is really a bad move by NBC executives, lets hope it gets picked up by another lesserknown station.

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I mean, Oh NO!!! What a shame.

Perhaps I should explain before you all start throwing things at me?

I absolutely loved the first season of Heroes. It was excellent. HOWEVER, it was NOT a show whose plotline lended itself to multiple seasons. I was willing to stick with it and could tolerate it up until about the middle of the second season. Why?

  1. Time travel is perfectly fine in moderation but, in large doses, can become confusing and make the show difficult to follow. I like a show with twists that make you think a bit, but I don't want to have to work to understand what I'm seeing.
  2. Maya. I'll say no more.
  3. If they didn't want Sylar to, you know, die, they shouldn't have killed him off in the first place.

I'll stop there for now. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the third season was as awesome as they said it was going to be, maybe they "explained" everything coherently in the second season after I stopped watching it but, my feeling is, the first season was the best and, short of some really creative ideas (which they lacked--OH NO! THE WORLD'S GOING TO BE DESTROYED AND WE HAVE UNTIL THE SEASON FINALE TO STOP IT! AGAIN!), there was no way the following seasons could have come close.

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Boooo... Heros was one of my favorite TV shows :(

And it was on Netflix streaming too (within 24 hours of being aired)

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I watched a few episodes before, but I never got into it. Still, it is both a shame and not a complete surprise that this happened. The fact is that their ratings have been going down dramatically after season one and they never really recovered. There are a ton of great shows on NBC but I guess this one was too out there for the public.

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