B Gata H Kei

Another new anime to share with you guys. It's called B Gata H Kei Not comletly sure how to catorgize this one. Comedy, high-school, romance, ecchi (kind of) all fit this one.

Basic plot Yamada is a popular 15 year old high school girl with an unusual goal. 100 Sex buddies while in high school.
Her problem, she's still a virgin and a bit ackward about a certian part of her body. Her solution. find get plainest guy she can as a warm up.

Enter Takashi Kosuda, a classmate who Yamada decides will be her first. Yamada start to pursue Kosuda, whose a bit surprised to find the most popular girl in class intrested in him. Yamada tries to use cliche tricks to make him fall for her or at least to get into his pants.

It seems like an borderline ero-anime with tons of fanservice. Thats why it's so surprising that it's not. Yamada gets spooked when they start getting closer and she often chickens out, leaving poor Kosuda wondering what he did wrong. It's a cute and funny show and another I recommed watching.

7 years, 9 months ago
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I just heard funimation just picked up the rights for this series. Iam looking forward to seeing it just to have a day of laughter

6 years, 7 months ago
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