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My question is do you have any of the COD games and if you do what do you think of them. Personally i was never a big fan of the COD games or any of those military games like socom, black hawk down etc but I recently played COD modern warfare 2 at my friends house and i have to say it was pretty awesome. also if you do have any of the COD games what system do you prefer it for ps3 or xbox.

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I do not care for the franchise. Overrated gun-porn, all of it.

If I had to play, I like it better on PS3, as the networks run the same, but the players are much nicer in my personal experience.

If you want a good military shooter that isn't ultra crazy when it comes to procedure (I'm looking at you, SOCOM), try out Bad Company 2. Excellent multiplayer that is objective and squad-based.

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I actually love CoD. I started with the first one, and played most of them. Didn't play the console-only ones that much, didn't like them. But I mainly play for the single-player portion of the games, since I loved the battles that take place, especially in the Modern Warfare games.

And as for preference, I would rather play them on the PC. Mouse and keyboard are more comfortable for me for this kind of game. :)

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I like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 because it has some good graphics, perfect storyline, best multiplayer, and best weapons.

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