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Being into anime and such for over 15 years now couple things I've always wondered

1) With anime and manga have their niche market here, do American Properties like Marvel, Dc or somthing like He-man Master of the Universe have a niche following in Japan?

2) What do Japanesse fans think that their beloved shows are popular or at least well liked all over the world?

This ones a little more recent

What would be the reaction to Marvel/DC dakimakura (hugging pillows)? Mary Jane, Mr Marvel, Power Girl, Catwoman to name a couple

Maybe ones from the animated shows,
JLU Wonderwoman,Black Canary or Hawkgirl. 90's X-men Rogue and Jean Grey

and for the even creepier note

Teen Titans Raven/Starfire X-Men Evloution, Just about any female chaarcter that not Storm or Mystique

So what do you think of my random thoughts and has you intrest in anime/manga given you any?

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Ok so there is a LOT to talk about here, but I'm going to take on the hugging pillows part.

I think that the American reaction to hugging pillows of Marvel/DC/Etc characters would be really arrogant.

Something along the lines of,

"omg! the japanese are like, so in love with us"

I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am :/

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