Easy Mode is for Babies (like me)

Hardcore gamers see "Easy Mode" as some sort of assault on their collective gamer-ness. There are reasons for that, and I've seem comments like

even if there isn't any reward for playing on a harder difficulty, it just isn't fun

Well, I play games on easy.

I play them on easy because I play for the story.

I play for the art.

and I play for the rewarding experience.

Notice something I don't play for: the challenge.

I want the games I play to be challenging, but only insofar as they are rewarding.

I especially find that when I run across a very challenging portion of a game, I will become very committed to overcoming the challenge. I will even feel a great sense of accomplishment upon success.

But after that, I feel like I'm done. I feel like I've solved the game, and I no longer want to continue.

There is probably a name for that (and Ryan probably knows it). But whatever it is, it makes the game feel over.

It dissipates all my forward momentum, and drastically lowers the chances I'll want to play more.

What I *want* is to progress the story, get new art every once in a while (more often is usually better), and have a pleasant, rewarding experience.

That's all.

Any that's why I play games on easy.

PS - there are a whole bunch of reasons why developers would want to make their games easy (or at least make the easy mode easy)

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Insert our entire phone conversation here.

Nice post, Jim! I can't wait to debate it more so I can prove that you are, and will forever be, a baby. I will further prove that being a baby is a negative!

And NOW for something completely different: alt text

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alt text

In all seriousness, I never play games on easy because usually they're so easy, that they're boring. However, it's all a matter of experience and twitch factor.

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I dunno if Easy mode is for babies. I mean, I play on Easy too! Just after I beat whatever game it is I'm playing a certain ammount of times, or I simply cannot play the hardest difficulty (because it slaps me and calls me Susan). So I'll try Easy just for kicks. I can't do that on Rock Band or Guitar Hero or whatever, though. Charts move WAY too slow to play.

But games like Call of Duty or Halo, those are fun to play on Easy, especially with friends, because the entire game just becomes this giant playground instead of a level we're determined to finish.


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I think it's something of a point of pride for a lot of people to not play easy mode. (Cue 150 page discussion of athleticism, growing up, the term "cyberathlete," etc.)

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I play on easy first for kicks, then move up slowly through the difficulty ranks. If I ever get REALLY frustrated with the difficulty of a game, I often take a break, listen to U2, eat, draw, play some Snood, meditate, and THEN go back to the game. Now THAT'S something completely different.

PS: Monty Python rlz!!!

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It depends on which game it is.

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