Spring Anime Season?

Has anyone been keeping up to date with the anime that's been airing recently? Just curious to hear any opinions you have, since this line up is a pretty diverse one.

So far I've only managed to watch Angel Beats!, K-ON!!, B Gata H Kei and Kiss x Sis. The last two I won't comment too much on...more for the 18+ crowd, but Angel Beats! was like rolling The Matrix with Haruhi Suzumiya and 11Eyes...which isn't a bad thing, it's just kinda awkward to keep up with, but hey, it's interesting enough to watch!

Angel Beats! Update: After watching three episodes, I've become a fan of this show. The third episode sealed the deal. Key certainly has a way of making touching shows, and Angel Beats! does not fail to deliver. Think of this as a typical Key work, just with some slightly twisted humor tossed into the mix.

And I'm a K-ON! fanboy, so watching K-ON!! was a treat for me. I was seriously counting the days to the season premiere. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I even dropped My first impressions here.

Anyways, have you seen any currently airing anime? Doesn't have to be just the ones I've mentioned. Give us your thoughts!

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My B gata H kei review sparked some strong opinions. I want to watch Heroman, but I haven't had time yet.

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