Public humiliation is still funny

Cross DaysA whole bunch of otaku who (illegally) downloaded the Cross Days game (cross days is an erotic graphic novel) are experiencing some repercussions in the form of public humiliation.

From Japanator,

Apparently a trojan/virus has been released alongside copies of Cross Days flowing through the Japanese P2P networks, disguised as a fake installer. When activated, the program gathers data from the computer and pretends to take a survey of players, including asking for personal information. Once it's done, everything gets uploaded to a public website, alongside a screenshot of their desktop.

It kind of seems like a nasty anti-warez ploy by game developers, but I think neoseeker's response got the humor of the whole thing dead on,

Why is this so amusing? Because Cross Days is an erotic visual novel.
Anyway, otaku, ero fans, and other people looking to score some free sexy time have had to deal with a little Internethumiliation. Victims can request their information be pulled from the website, but they'll need to admit they've illegally downloaded the game by clicking a button.

All of this is included in the fake intaller's ToS agreement, but who actually reads that?

I think the fact that they laid out the whole scheme in the terms of service is what makes it really funny.

Check out the wall of shame and see for yourself.

It seems like a pretty big privacy invasion, but then again, they all accepted the terms which laid out the exact details of what would happen

Do you think they're going too far? or is it just a little harmless fun?

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I think its kind of fun. But even if people do think they're going too far, what are they going to do about it? They accepted the terms. lol.

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I think this is very funny. But isn't giving viruses illegal?

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That's absolutely hilarious XD

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Sounds similar to the more generic Kenzero virus.

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