So, a few weeks ago I was looking through the front page of deviant art and I came across the name 'Hetalia'. Now, this wasn't the first time I saw it so I figured I'd look it up.... NOW I'M HOOKED! I fell in love with it!

If you don't know what it is, it started as a web comic, got published in a manga, and then turned into a anime that is about five minutes. Each main character is a stereo-typical representation of the country. It is focused (mostly) in WWII(the main show) and the Austrian wars(Chibitalia).

Well, the reason I'm making this post is because I want to know if and why you like Hetalia. Also, your story (Like mine above) and favorite characters. My favorites are Russia(He's mine! Back off, fan girls!), Poland (Well, I'm Polish), Sweden and Finland (I also support that couple), and South Korea. I think some others are China, Canada, and Sealand, but they aren't as huge as the obsessions I mentioned before.

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Oh, I believe we talked about this a while ago when we used to do podcasts. I'm trying really hard not to judge you on this :P

I'm pretty sure we have a few fangirls here of it. And by "a few", I mean one, and by "fangirls", I mean Tom.

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I'm addicted to Hetalia!

It started when my Mom bought a CD, I watched it and fell in love with it. It also made me love my country~ even though mine isn't even official yet. It also motivated me in History and made me ace it! xDDD

I support Sweden x Finland too~

Hmm...my favorite characters are England, Romano, Spain, France and The Awesomeness that is Prussia!

Prussia is my fave of all faves!!! He's just that awesome!!!

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I saw the anime and I say for looks,Germany,because I saw him without his air ungelled to 1 place and I thought "He looks sooooo freaking hot with his hair down!!!!!!KEEP YOUR HAIR DOWN!!!!!". Sometimes I get the feeling that Germany is falling for Italy. I don't blame him, it's hard not to.

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