24 Hour, 1000 Anime Song, Otaku Marathon


Japan's ultimate event for anime otaku is doing it again! For everybody who had a blast at All-Con Dallas for the 24-hour marathon, filmmaker Keisaku Kimura and manga artist Kazushi Hinoki are doing it again THIS WEEKEND in Tokyo! They respectfully invite all of their new friends from All-Con to join in (sing along, make comments) using the same Ustream service that their Japanese fans used to watch the U.S. Marathon. The Marathon can be seen live March 20-21 using this link:

All-Con thanks Keisaku-san, Kazushi-san, and Ardith Carlton for bringing the Marathon to the USA last weekend and especially for choosing All-Con!

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Huh, this sounds like fun...

(Checks date)

Damn, to late it seems... xD;

8 years, 3 months ago
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