DC vs Marvel?

Well what I want to know is wictch do you like better, Marvel comics or DC comics? They both have really good comics, i mean Marvel has spiderman, ghost rider, captain america, the Hulk and many others, but DC on the other hand has green lantern, superman, batman, watchmen, the flash etc. I think I actually will have to go with DC... What do you think?

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I'd go with Marvel because 1) It's based here in NYC and 2) The characters are more "real" if you can call it that. They are just closer to normal humans in that despite having extraordinary talents and or powers, they are vulnerable to the same issues that the rest of us are (fear, hate, jealousy, love,rejection and so on).

DC characters have things like that too, but definitely not on the same level as Marvel characters.

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I would have to Marvel because in my opinion I like Spiderman and Iron man.

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