Nobuo Uematsu-the composer of the majority of the Final Fantasy games

Since I don't think most people pay attention to the composers of video games, this one definitely deserves recognition (as if he already hasn't). But kidding aside this guy has composed music that's as famous as the game series itself which says a lot. I heard from one of my friends actually that he'll be making an appearance in AnimeBoston. I can't go this year but hopefully he'll make appearances in other cons I plan on going. I happened to wonder how others feel about him and how his music may have influenced your life?

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anime boston? hot damn, I may be there this year :)

Maybe I'll try to score an interview, I'm pretty sure I've got my press pass in order :)

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I really love Nobuo Uematsu. I've been playing Final Fantasy for years, and his music fits in perfectly with the games. The great thing about his music is that it never gets old: I could listen to "To Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X fifty times in a row, and it would still hold the same emotion as when I first heard it. And trust me, it does.

He's such a great composer, and he seems like a really great guy. In short, he's awesome. And I highly respect him.

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I was at Anime Boston but he spoke on one of the days I wasn't there. Really disappointed :(

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When I was in my orchestra-geek days of high school, I was completely in love with Uematsu-san's work. I went to the lengths of rewriting an entire song for the entire symphony orchestra to play (and we did; guess which one I picked).

Since spending some time in "classical" music studies, I've come to see where he got his inspiration and why his sound was, at times, "epic". He can't be given all of the credit that he gets, but what he has done is nothing but a giant leap for gaming soundtracks. There are a handful of games that actually have a good score, but Uematsu has many of them under his belt.

While I am no longer enthralled with video game music (or Uematsu's work), I still enjoy and appreciate it for its great value. Even a game that is think is overrated for its story, gameplay, and visuals coughFinalFantasy7cough is redeemed for its great soundtrack.

If you are big on gaming music in general, you should hear the one from Shatter. It is, without a doubt, the best electronic music soundtrack ever made.

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