Weeaboo or Otaku?

I just figured out what a weeaboo is today. What confused me was that most of the symptoms of being a weeaboo is the same as Otaku. You can collect anime things without going over board, right? I love Japanese culture, I do use Japanese every now and then (insults, kawaii, sugoi, ect.), but I don't want to be Asian. I just like that kind of stuff. Also, what's the big deal with dressing in Japanese styles or going to listening to Jpop/Jrock? I love that kind of stuff (sadly, I don't have any) and I'm going to continue liking it even if that makes me a weeaboo.

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"Overboard" is just a relative term. Someone with no interest in anime thinks that a single figurine is overboard. Someone who really loves anime might peg "overboard" at 25 figures, or 100.

"Weaboo" is a term made up by elitists so they can say "I love anime, and I'm cool, but you love anime, and you're not."

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Um, I like anime so I don't care what I am called....what are we twelve? Does it really matter if someone calls you one or the other?

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I've always considered myself an otaku, but not a weeaboo. I love anime, collect figures, cosplay, read manga, have a hug pillow, etc., etc...however, I have practically zero interest in Japanese culture outside of anime. If anything, I dislike Japanese culture.

My room mate is a weeaboo. She reads manga and watches anime only occasionally, but reads Japanese fashion magazines, dresses in a very Japanese style, and buys Japanese products over American ones (things like shampoo, and fake eyelashes). She tries to make bento boxes and decos her cellphone, and DS, among other things.

I would say that while I am an Otaku, she is a weeaboo. Being an Otaku relates to anime, being a weeaboo relates to Japanese culture outside of just anime and manga. While you can be both things at once you don't necessarily have to be.

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I am a Kingdom Hearts weeaboo! Everything I own and say relates to it!

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